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Unison Agreement Meaning

Unison Agreement Meaning

If two notes do not quite agree, the resulting clay alternates between a maximum and a minimum of repetitive volume. The unit can only be used for the first quarter of a stock. “Thank you,” they said when Dean was called up. The Nobiss unison describes something that is synchronized or simultaneous, z.B. if someone asks a question and you and your friend answer with the same answer at the same time. When you say something in the event of failure, two or more voices sound like one. This word usually appears in the phrase “in print,” which means “together, at the same time” or “on the same musical tone.” Thus, an excited crowd that reacts to a speaker can shout while singing, and a group of protesters can sing while singing. The ancient sacred music, called Gregorian singing, was written to be sung in harmony, without harmonious voices, and kindergarten children always sing in harmony (at least if they all find the same height). Similarly, an aerobics class moves according to the instructor, and a group, or even an entire city, can work in immersion if everyone agrees on a common goal.

Looking at the elevator bench, they say to the first floor. I believe that the end of the unified monetary policy of the global central banks – the United States, Asia, Europe and emerging markets – creates potential relative value. But unlike a normal dimmer, the Leviton was able to reduce all the bulbs in the setting game in a lamp with several bulbs and by diating rooms where several lights are controlled by a switch. At that point, Carl and I said, “Are you a joke?” It was preceded by a singer and a boy who sang with a strange and uncomfortable echo on the roof. The government continues to work by mutual agreement to gather information and do everything in its power to release it, we are in an extremely serious situation. This was the climax of Tessouat`s speech, and with each sentence, the conclave reacted unanimously with a smile of approval. If you and someone else say exactly the same thing at the same time, it is an example of a situation in which you are talking by declaring. Unisoun of the center of English, the center of the Unison Franconia, the medieval Latin uniisonus with the same sound, from the Latin uni- – sonus sono sonore – more in the sound input 1`ni-son, n. the unity or the chord of sound: Concorde: harmonien-adj. U`nis`nal. -adv. U`nis`nally.

C.a.. U`nis`nance, state of sonism: the adequacy of sounds. [L. unus, one, sonus a sound, sonery, to sound.] Margie and Gillam agreed, “Lang — ” but Ginny quickly turned around and began to explain in a low voice that “Pardon my French” Texas was for “Point taken and appreciated.” We sobbed when Meryl Streep could barely talk about her husband without getting confused and touched. Just before retiring from the commercial, the crew agreed: play or sing the same notes or notes separated by one or more octaves.